Custom build PC

This is the best option for both the business men and personal who are not familiar with the technologies.

Building and distrubuting the best custom PCs for the users is one of the main focus for the company. We believe that machine which has the best performance with low cost will be benefit for the local users. Having warranty and using the legal software will get the enought confidene for the user is they have some problems. We give the best advices and hope to build the reliable computer within the budget.

Before we build the machine,

  • calculate the cost with free of charge
  • build the best one within your budget so you do not to pay for the facilities which you will not use

After you bought,

  • one year hardware warranty
  • can claim half price if the software crash within a year
  • we store all the documents or software for you
  • we can install and demostrate in your place if necessary
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